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Bohemian Square: The new art and entertainment complex in Cancun

bohemian square

Grupo RosaNegra is always offering new entertainment proposals and extraordinary experiences in key points of the city. 

Bohemian Square is the new complex located in Cancun's hotel zone where some of the Group's most important restaurants are located, where you will be able to experience memorable nights. 

Explore the most exclusive area to live fascinating nights by the Nichupte lagoon. Discover extraordinary cuisines and dishes, signature mixology, art, fashion, music and fireworks that will light up your best moments. Want to know what awaits you at Bohemian Square? Read on. 

Embark on a journey of sensations that will take you around the world and it all happens in one place: Bohemian Square. Our dishes will transport you to the vibrant Asian food street markets and the magical moments on the tatami mat at Funky Geisha. 

Discover the world's most exclusive beef cuts with the highest certifications at Chambao, while enjoying impressive happenings and one of the best views from its terrace. 

Transport yourself to Japan and enjoy the great culinary offer that sets  it apart, surprise your palate with the wonders of its cuisine and high quality ingredients prepared with innovative precision in Tora. 

Experience the glamour and vibrant colors of Mexico, its unique flavors and the festive essence that represents Mexican culture around the world at Mamazzita. 

At RosaNegra travel through the senses to the most iconic cities of Latin America, our menu offers dishes with influences from the multifaceted Colombian cuisine, Peruvian, Argentinean asados and the opportunity to explore the extensive variety and cultural richness of Mexican gastronomy, with a unique touch orchestrated by our wonderful chefs.

Explore Italian recipes with an international twist at Parole and delight your senses with homemade pastas, the freshness of the world's most sophisticated seafood and experience your best party nights at Confessions, one of the most impressive venues in the city. 

In addition to culinary experiences, Grupo RosaNegra is committed to art, thanks to the sculptures of Daniel Popper, True Nature and Lamadre. The renowned South African artist known for his large-scale installations now has two works on display at Bohemian Square to convey his conceptual art in the natural settings of the lagoon and the mangrove. 

Bohemian Square awaits.


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