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Drinks you have to try at Confessions

drinks you have to try at Confessions

The mixologists at Confessions Cancun have created a selection of experimental cocktails, in surprising and original presentations. 

The nights at Confessions are daring, eclectic and sensual; drinks on the menu could not be left behind.

Here are some options to try on your next visit. 


Madame X 

For gin lovers this is your best option, this incredible drink contains Tanqueray Rangpur, raspberry syrup and sparkling rosé wine, besides having a mysterious and extravagant presentation. 



The Sandunga drink is for the daring, this cocktail contains Captain Morgan, Absinth, passion fruit, pineapple juice and some exotic spices that add a unique flavor. Be sure to try it on your next visit.  



Alebrije is a drink with Tequila Don Julio 70 and Damiana. In addition to these liquors, it includes apricot jam, orange juice and a citric touch. Experience the colors and flavors of Mexico with this original cocktail. 


El Diablo 

Our menu isn’t complete without mezcal, El Diablo is one of the favorites. This cocktail has mezcal, Ancho reyes liqueur, strawberry puree, pineapple juice, a touch of chili, citrus and spices that give it that final and majestic touch to make the perfect cocktail for your night. 


If you’re looking for a place to have fabulous drinks in the hotel zone, in an incredible atmosphere, Confessions is perfect, plus you can enjoy DJs in Cancun and many incredible events in the area. 


We are waiting for you for a night of drinks, tapas and amazing music. 


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